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At The Dog Eaze Inn, we understand that caring for your pet is both a responsibility and a privilege. We take these commitments very seriously. Your pet's happiness and well–being are our primary concern. While staying at The Inn, your pet receives the care and attention most conducive to good health and happiness in a safe and secure environment.

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We offer both Dog Lodging and Doggie Daycare, with plenty of activities to make sure your dog has the most fun possible while he stays and plays with his friends at The Dog Eaze Inn.

Each lodging experience is unique so we want to learn all we can about you and your pet. We do not want to leave any questions unanswered for you – so you will be able to rest easy knowing that your best friend is having a relaxing vacation too!

If you're like our other clients, you only want to bring your furry loved one to a place where everyone knows and loves him. That's why so many veterinarians recommend Dog Eaze Inn and why we are one of the most sought–after pet care facilities in the Northern Virginia area.