Thor loves going to doggie day camp. I know he loves coming to The Dog Eaze Inn because when I ask him if he wants to go daycare he gets so excited! When we are driving to daycare he starts talking! The employees at The Dog Eaze Inn really care about Thor and he loves coming to visit. Thank you for caring about my dog so much!

– Connie, Steven, and Thor Jamieson

The people at The Dog Eaze Inn go above and beyond in every aspect of the business. All the employees are friendly and welcoming, and they treat my baby with love. My one year old pit thoroughly enjoys daycare and Saturday parties. He has so much fun that he is snoring before we leave the parking lot! Some work days are long for me, but I don't worry when Charlie is at the DEI this is his home away from home! Thank You!

– Meagan Kennedy and Charlie Parker

Since Shadow’s a rescue dog with trust and dominance issues, we weren’t sure how things would go. He’s fine for us at home since he’s learned to trust us, but we’ve had to be careful with everyone that comes over or gets near him. My husband and I spoke to Melissa before we brought him in and she made us feel very comfortable with your facility. We had been wondering and struggling with what to do with him for a vacation we’re taking. Melissa offered to come in on her day off to get to know Shadow. I was so impressed with that. She spent time with him and even got him out into the yard to walk around with her. I was so pleased to see the progress he and Melissa had made just on the first day. Every time we’ve brought him back, she’s gone the extra mile to do what she can for Shadow. Melissa and the rest of your staff have taken great care of him. To some, I seem a bit extreme when I call my dogs my sons, but that’s just how I feel. You can see the love for dogs that Melissa has and that makes it even better for me, I know Shadow’s in a great place when I bring him there. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the atmosphere of your facility and your caring staff. It really is a blessing.

– Monica Benz

I absolutely LOVE this place! My overweight pug can get some well needed exercise and is surrounded by such wonderful people. I trust this place 100% with my fur-baby. Prices are so reasonable; I am so glad I stumbled upon this place!

– Stephanie Mindzak

Dog Eaze Inn has been a terrific find for us. We LOVE doggie day care days because Maggie comes home soooooo exhausted. And we have complete peace of mind when she is in the kennel while we are away. And finding Brian to train Maggie was a great extra side benefit. We have recommended the Dog Eaze Inn to everyone we know who has a dog and look forward to a long and happy relationship with all of you.

– Patti Lyle

Everyone at The Dog Eaze Inn is so wonderful! My dog is a handful and has special medical needs, and this is really one special place. Tootsie ALWAYS comes home from her vacation well behaved and happy! The staff goes above and beyond and really understands what each dog needs, and we are really lucky to have found the Dog Eaze Inn!

– Jaime Grossman